Children's Online Privacy Policy

The BCKS Promise Children's Online Privacy Policy

We value the trust you place in BCKS ("BCKS") and the companies which BCKS owns and operates ("affiliates"). Accordingly, BCKS adheres to the highest ethical standards in gathering, using and safeguarding children's online information that is entrusted to the company.

This privacy policy addresses BCKS general policy regarding the following:

collection of children's personal information
use of children's personal information
the method of obtaining parental consent
the method of obtaining access to the child's information

Each site that may be directed to children under 13 will contain a specific version of our Children's Online Privacy Policy that will address specifically each of the points listed above for that site.

What type of information does BCKS collect from children?

Some BCKS websites may collect online contact information from children under the age of 13 in order to respond once to a specific request from a child. For example, some BCKS websites may allow children to submit questions and get a response from a BCKS expert. Online contact information that is collected in this manner will be deleted after a response is made to the child.

Some BCKS websites may collect online contact information from children under the age of 13 in order to respond more than once to a specific request from a child or to protect the safety of the child. For example, some BCKS websites may collect online contact information to allow a child to sign up for an online newsletter. Each BCKS website that collects such online contact information requires the child to provide either a parent's or guardian's e-mail address or a parent's or guardian's street address so that BCKS can send the child's parent or guardian a notice regarding BCKS children's online information practices. In such situations, the contact information is only used to respond to the child's request and to notify the child's parent or guardian that the child contacted BCKS. BCKS will not condition a child's participation in an activity on the provision of more information than is reasonably necessary for the activity.

What does BCKS do with this information?

BCKS does not rent or sell customer information, including information provided by children, to outside marketers. In certain circumstances, BCKS may share customer information with trusted service providers that need access to your information to provide operational or other support services. To ensure the confidentiality and security of this information, service providers must agree to safeguard all information in strict compliance with our policy.

How does BCKS obtain verifiable parental consent from parents or guardians?

Some BCKS websites may collect online contact information from children under the age of 13 for participation in promotions or ongoing programs. Each BCKS website that collects such information uses reasonable efforts to obtain verifiable parental consent before collecting such information from a child. Parents or guardians are required to demonstrate their consent for their child's participation in the promotion or program by submitting a signed consent form to BCKS, by calling an 800-number, by submitting a credit card number, or by submitting an e-mail message. The method of parental consent will vary, depending upon the specific promotion or program. Additional consent mechanisms may be used in the future. Whenever parental consent is obtained, the parent or guardian will be asked to choose or be given an identification code so that BCKS can identify and authenticate future requests from that parent or guardian.

How may I review the information that my child provided to BCKS?

Parents or guardians whose children have provided information to BCKS may review the information provided by their child by sending an e-mail message to or to the e-mail address listed on the site that collected their child's information. For verification and security purposes, BCKS may request that such parental requests must contain the parent's or guardian's name and identification code as well as a valid e-mail address, a street address, or a phone number. Parents or guardians may also request that BCKS delete their child's information. If such a parental request is received, BCKS will make all reasonable efforts to delete the information from its files.

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