Advanced Overview

With our beginner posts, all buyer responses go to your one e-mail address or it is necessary to have more than one e-mail address so a unique e-mail address can be assigned to each product being sold. The advanced user has a feature to solve this problem and make managing your posts easier.

The advanced user has available a web management tool called "MyBCKS". "MyBCKS" requires registration. There are no charges for any of its features. MyBCKS manages messages, BCKS posts, and account information. It allows the user to collect all responses and replies to their posts and to other seller's posts in one place on the BCKS network. Messages can also be forwarded to the user's regular e-mail address if desired.

"MyBCKS" also provides a convenient place to Change Posts, delete posts, and modify your account such as changing the password.


You must register to become an Advanced user. To register, click on the "MyBCKS" link above. The first line of the page that appears will say "If you don't have an account, please register first". Click on the link in the word "register". Fill in the information on the registration page.

You have a choice to have responses to your posts sent to the e-mail address you provided to register. If forwarding is not chosen, then you will need to log-in to MyBCKS to see your messages which will be stored in the BCKS network.

Web Management

MyBCKS is a web management tool available to advanced and expert users. It manages messages, BCKS posts, and account information. It allows the user to collect all responses and replies to their posts and to other seller's posts in one place on the BCKS network. Responses are stored on the network but there is an option to also send any responses to your regular email address. To use MyBCKS you must first register using the "register" link on the Advanced page.

The following message will appear after you submit your registration information.

You will receive a email similar to the following one.

Clicking on the link in the email above should result in the response below,

MyBCKS main screen

Below is a typical screen shot of the MyBCKS page.

Starting with the links at the top of the page, "Messages to my posts" refer to incoming messages from prospective buyers. The link is in bold if active as shown in the screen shot above. The "Messages to my posts" screen shows on the left side, the incoming query, indicates how many there have been, and how many new ones have occurred. They are sorted by post id number ( not shown ). Bold face messages have not been opened. To the right, are your replies to these posts.

Messages, both queries and replies, will be deleted when the post expires or the post is removed using the "Change Post" screen which has a "delete" option. Checking the "delete" box to the right of each post with responses on the MyBCKS screen will remove all responses to that post by clicking on the "Delete checked messages" box. To remove only a specific message, click on the message to open it. A "delete" option will be available at the bottom of the message screen.

The "Create Post" and "Change Post" links are for a regular BCKS post not the BCKS Web Plus available to the expert user.

The "Account" link goes to a page which shows account status, your email address, allows you to change your e-mail address, password, and whether you want messages sent to your regular e-mail in addition to being stored in MyBCKS.

The "Logout" link logs the user out and returns them to the BCKS home page. The "home" link returns the user to the home page without logging out. For example, clicking on "Logout" takes the user to the home page. If the user uses the browers "back" button to go back to the MyBCKS page, and then clicks on the "Create Post" link, a "invalid access" message will appear. Doing the same thing with the "home" link will allow the user to create a post.

The message search function not only searches the headers of the messages which are displayed in MyBCKS but the message body as well

Using MyBCKS

Supposing you do a search on the word "C-740" and the results page shows the following,

If you wish to ask the seller a question, just click on the "envelope" icon in their post. A message screen will appear for you to fill in your email address, subject, and message as shown here by example.

The advanced user recipient of your query can log-in and will see on the left side of their MyBCKS screen this information,

Clicking on the link "Questions" opens the message you sent.

If the advanced recipient wants to reply, they need only click on "reply", fill in the form, and "Send Message". The following response will be had if the reply is successful.

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